Virtual Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Virtual Auto Repair Shop Marketing

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the way businesses operate.

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The Importance Of Virtual Auto Shop Repair Marketing

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the way businesses operate. Social distancing and quarantine restrictions have kept customers indoors. Masks, plexiglass, and contactless payment are all becoming essential for businesses. Consumers want to stay safe as they shop, which is why many people will specifically be searching for mechanics that offer virtual or contact-free service.

It’s important to ensure that your auto repair shop is prepared to offer these services. It’s just as essential that you communicate this to your customers. Like anything else, you’ll need to adapt your auto repair shop marketing strategies if you want to see results.

Consumers Are Still Concerned About The Coronavirus

Although restrictions have been lifting nationwide, data shows that people are still highly concerned about COVID-19. According to a study from Prosper Insights & Analytics, 22.8% of adults are extremely concerned about Coronavirus, while only 17.6% aren’t concerned at all. The majority of adults surveyed said that they were “very” or “slightly” concerned. (

Your auto shop can help to alleviate these concerns by mentioning the precautions that you are taking in your marketing. If a potential customer sees that your business is taking this virus seriously, they’ll be more likely to bring their vehicle to you.

In addition to the concern, a lot of vehicle owners will become accustomed to this new way of having their vehicle serviced. Think about the convenience of white-glove pickup and drop off at their home or office. Not only is it safer in general, but it’s just damn convenient for them. Wouldn’t you agree?

Many Consumers Aren’t Familiar With The Options Available

This pandemic is unlike anything people have had to deal with in their lifetimes. The safety measures that companies are taking are new as well. Since practices like contactless delivery drop-off and pickup are new services, it’s important to make sure that potential customers know they have these options.

People make decisions based on the information that is available to them. If you’re not communicating that you offer these options to consumers, they may choose to take their business elsewhere. If you create a marketing campaign that advertises these options, you’ll be able to improve consumer awareness, which should lead to a surge in business.

virtual auto repair shop marketing

Customers Are Easier To Engage

Because so many businesses have had little-to-no income over the past few months, marketing budgets may be more limited than they once were. Thankfully, since many people are working from home, it’s much easier to engage customers than it used to be. You’ll be able to get more out of your marketing budget. Not only that, but the environment is ripe for the picking, as many smaller shops with only a month or two of cash reserves are pressing pause on everything from SEO to PPC and more. The time has never been better to capitalize on Google rankings, and more importantly, brand awareness across multiple channels and platforms.

You may be reluctant to spend money right now, but with a strong marketing campaign, you’ll be able to earn back the money you spend. Right now, the most important thing you can do is get customers back in your shop. If you invest the time to over-communicate to your customer base via email and your Facebook page, combined with effective marketing to acquire new c

Many Customers Need A Push

Humans are creatures of habits. Once a person settles into a routine, it can be difficult to break that out of that routine. Now that people have settled into life with quarantine restrictions, they are no longer doing many of the things that they used to do regularly.

With a marketing campaign that emphasizes your auto shop’s virtual practices, you can demonstrate to customers that it’s now safe for them to have their vehicle serviced. Beyond that, you can remind customers of their old habits. Little by little, you’ll be able to nudge your old customers back into their old routines.

These Terms Are Essential To SEO

Search engine optimization has long been a key component of marketing. Because of COVID-19, customers are now using different terms when they search for local businesses. “Virtual” and “contactless” are keywords that you’ll want to include on your site.

If you fail to include these keywords in your web copy, potential customers may wind up taking their business elsewhere. You should strive to ensure that your business is a top result for contactless auto shop repair in your area. Now is the ideal time to add the new copy on your website so that you can improve your search engine results and boost your auto repair shop’s online presence.

Marketing Can Clear Up Misconceptions And Misinformation

Over the past few months, a lot of misinformation has been spread. A number of consumers are making spending decisions based on information that isn’t accurate. As an example, many consumers are unaware that quarantine restrictions in their area have lifted. Some consumers may believe that restrictions are stricter than they actually are.

The best way to clear up inaccurate information is with accurate information. A strong marketing campaign can correct these misconceptions and give consumers the information that they need. A simple marketing campaign that conveys that you’re now open for business could be highly beneficial.

Smart Marketing Can Prevent Issues

Many consumers are eager for things to go back to normal. However, in order to serve customers safely, it’s likely that your auto repair shop has made a number of changes. You should work to ensure that your customers aren’t caught off guard by these changes.

The right type of marketing is an excellent way to let customers know how things have changed ahead of time. For example, if you send out an email that informs your customers of the changes that you’ve made, your customers will know exactly what to expect when they bring their vehicle in. This can help you to avoid potential conflicts and create a smoother experience for all involved.

Now Isn’t The Time To Cut Back On Marketing

History shows that businesses that make fewer cuts during tough times are more likely to bounce back. For example, a study that looked at recent recessions found that businesses were more likely to come out ahead if they prioritized the long-term health of their business over short-term gains. (

It’s important to use a marketing strategy that conveys to your customers that you now offer online payments and contact-free options. It’s also important to continue to put money into marketing. If you’re willing to spend money now, there’s a much stronger chance that your business will be able to get through this difficult time.

There Are Free Marketing Options

You shouldn’t be afraid to put money into marketing, but you should also look at marketing solutions that won’t cost you anything but time. For example, now is a great time to put more effort into social media and content creation.

It’s likely that many of your former customers are struggling right now. Social media posts are an excellent way to connect with these customers and put a human face on your business. Social media also allows you to answer consumer questions about your new business practices.

As far as content goes, don’t overthink it. Write down a list of the top 5-10 Frequently Asked Questions you get from your customers, and then answer them one by one. The longer the content the better, but anything is better than nothing. There are plenty of low cost options out there as well to outsource your content writing to. If you do decide to take this on yourself or task your staff to do it, simply write the answer to the questions as if you were speaking to your customer face to face or over the phone. Be personable. Be a human. It will build trust with your potential customers and for sure with Google.

You Can No Longer Rely On Foot Traffic

If your auto shop is in a great location, you may have been able to attract a lot of business via foot traffic in the past. Because of Coronavirus (COVID-19), that’s no longer possible. Virtual marketing is more important to businesses than it ever has been.

Even if your business already has an online presence, you should work to improve that presence. Ensure that it’s easy for potential customers to find your business online. Don’t think about foot traffic anymore. Instead, take a new approach to marketing.

Get Ahead Of Your Top Competitors

It’s possible that some of your major competitors aren’t currently advertising that they are offering contact-free service. If you launch an advertising campaign that mentions contactless services, you may be able to reach some of your competitor’s usual customers.

Companies are struggling to adapt to these new changes. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get an edge over competing businesses in your area. If you implement the right practices and advertise these practices, you’ll be able to draw in new customers and become one of the top auto shops in your area.

You Can Ensure That You’re Ready For A Surge

Your auto shop may not be getting a lot of business right now, but as restrictions are lifted, you can expect your business to bounce back in a big way. Many businesses have reported seeing a huge surge in customers as after they reopened.

A smart digital marketing campaign is one of the best ways for you to prepare for this bounce-back surge. Now isn’t the time to cut back on PPC marketing or Facebook ads. Instead, you can make sure you’re one of the first businesses that customers visit.

Special Offers Can Attract Attention

Consumers are cutting back spending, which means businesses need to give potential customers a reason to part with their money. If you offer some sort of special offer, and you emphasize your contactless business practices, customers will be far more motivated to take their car in.

Now is a great time to offer a discount on oil changes or another basic service like A/C checks since we’re headed into the summer months. It’s likely that consumers haven’t taken advantage of these kinds of services in quite a while, which means they’ll be more likely to capitalize on your offer.

The world is changing, and your auto repair shop should be prepared to deal with these changes. This means taking certain precautions, and it also means changing your approach to advertising. Virtual auto shop repair marketing is absolutely essential to the health of your business. Make sure that your customers are aware that you now offer a contactless experience.

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