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Check out the real results we've been able to get clients below and lock in your FREE strategy session today to discuss your auto business needs! 

People's Choice Auto Repair ranks Page 1 for over 50 crucial keywords!

This family-owned, local repair shop in Oak Ridge, TN hired us with one goal in mind. Increase car count. Having tried all different kinds of "marketing" before, they didn't exactly care how we did it, they were fed up and just wanted to see RESULTS

We used an effective combination of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Targeted Facebook Ad Funnels, which we like to call HawkEye™ (a little cheesy, we know) The result? We were able to generate quality leads for under ONE dollar per lead on Facebook, and rank their website in Google with over 50 Page One rankings, that drive traffic to their shop. All of this was done in weeks, not months. Not bad, right?

Classic Auto Collision Gets a Fresh New Look! (and 1st Page Rankings)

What a great project to work on. This body shop located in Delray Beach, FL. was a pleasure to work with. Two sons and their mother took over this shop when their father passed. They called ShopHawk to help bring their already successful collision shop into the 21st century by crafting an online presence. 

We built them a website, created & optimized all local directories, performed local SEO services and consulted them on best practices. Their website was built quickly, and because of their great reputation in the city, were able to see dozens of 1st page Google rankings, meaning tens of thousands of dollars in their pockets!

BSD Leasing a 963% increase in revenue in less than 6 months! 

Sounds crazy right? It was. Although they were not formally marketing before hiring us, the quickness in which we were able to set up a brand new business model was wild. No website, an untraditional business model, and higher-priced (sub-prime) lending made for a difficult challenge we were happy to take on.

From consulting to diving in the mud (Facebook Groups in this case) to build a name and reputation one by one, in less than 6 months we were able to grow BSD Leasing from $28,200 in revenue to over $300,000 and growing. Woohoo!

Some of our other clients...
Creative Growth Solutions for the Automive Industry
You know online marketing works but frankly - you have NO CLUE how to go about making it work for YOUR business. You're too worried about customers, making payroll, firing that tech that somehow cannot manage to show up on time... don't worry. We've got you covered.

If you've ever invested in Online Marketing, whether it be SEO, Google AdWords, or even Social Media Marketing, chances are you've had a bad experience. With years of industry-specific knowledge, we've come to realize a couple things (don't get offended, the first step towards greatness is, to be honest)

1) "My website doesn't bring me customers" usually means you've hired overseas, or your 14-year-old nephew ( good work, Jack, but we'll take it from here)

2) Social Media Marketing has meant, "somoneone 'boosted' my post for $10 but we didn't get much traction. Ouch. We get this one a lot. When we refer to Facebook marketing or funnels, we mean that we combine positioning, rich media, and automated funnels to drive high-quality leads straight to your doorstep. Not sure what that means? Schedule a free call with us to learn more.


About Us

ShopHawk is a full-service digital marketing agency serving the Automotive, Marine & Aviation Industries. We specialize in Local SEO, Website Design, & Hyper-Targeted, Automated Ad Funnels which we call HawkEye™

Ryan Lamothe & Brad McIntosh are Co-Founders of ShopHawk.

Ryan has been in the local business marketing field since 2008. He prides himself on establishing long-term relationships with his clients by providing transparent communication, outside the box thinking, and measurable results.

Brad is an award-winning disrupter of the roadside assistance industry with proprietary systems, partnerships and innovative ideas. He has multi-facet experience within the towing industry including business startups and acquisitions. Financial education, technology background and industry experience.

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