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Auto Repair Advertising Strategies

How Can Auto Repair Shop Advertising Help My Shop Grow?

In many cases, it can’t! Effective online advertising requires that you have a few different pieces in place and working well for you. If you have tried online advertising in the past, and it hasn’t worked for you, it’s likely that one of the following prerequisites wasn’t in place.

Your website: For online advertising to be effective, your website must be effective. After all, in most cases, you are driving traffic to your mechanic shop’s website with online advertising. If your website is dated, not helpful, or doesn’t exist then even when you do get clicks on your ad, they will not turn into a customer.

The ad text: It is super important with online advertising to match the text of your ad to the page that you will be sending those customers to, while making it attractive for them. This can require a fair amount of experimentation and many of the companies that run online advertising campaigns seldom optimize and monitor and improve ad text in order to increase the ad’s effectiveness.

Customer Fit: Your ads have to fit your customers. Their expectations, their problems, their needs. Many advertising campaigns are too general, having been put together by someone that does not understand your customers, or your business, and they under-perform due to this!


Done properly, online advertising can massiveley increase the number of eyes that wind up on your site, which will increase the number of calls that you get, and cars that you service. At ShopHawk, we are all about helping you launch and maintain online advertising campaigns that are tailored to your business and designed to perform. That means more cars in your bays, and more money in your pocket.

ShopHawk will work closely with you design & develop an automotive advertising strategy that delivers consistent, quality leads.