Using testimonial marketing for your tow or auto repair business

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In the past, a testimonial was commonly used to attest to someone’s character and qualifications. In today’s world, it takes the form of a sentence or paragraph to praise a product or service.

It’s always been accepted that word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertising. However, this is only true if it is a positive statement. Not only are testimonials used to praise a product or service, but they can also highlight how effectively a complaint was dealt with or how a problem was handled.

So, how can you make the most of positive testimonial comments to place your tow or auto repair business in the public eye?

Offer a friendly thank you

Today, the ‘testimonial’ is a much less formal comment which is made by a satisfied customer on social media. This means it pays to take a moment to check Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or the like to see if your customers have left a comment. Replying with a simple ‘thank you’, or adding a little more detail to the story, strengthens the perception those reading it will have of you.

Use real world examples

You may, once in a while, be involved in helping a local personality or even national figure at your business. Of course, you’ll share this story if those involved are happy for you to do so.

But most often, the public will respond better to examples showing how you helped ordinary people like themselves. This allows them to imagine a similar outcome in their own situation. Having a series of stories involving the different types of people most likely to use your services will help to build your reputation amongst your customer base.

Make yourself memorable

You should also describe situations that potential customers can relate to. For example, how you helped a family who broke down on the way to the airport or couldn’t get their car started to still make their flight. Other examples could include making a vital business appointment, or not letting the kids down on the way to a sports event etc. People reading these examples will be able to imagine themselves being helped by you in similar stressful moments – when that moment occurs, you’ll be the company they call.

For more advice on marketing your tow or auto repair business, get in touch with us at ShopHawk today.

Using landing pages on your repair shop or tow business website

Both auto repair shops and tow businesses are used by the public when a specific set of circumstances occur; unlike other businesses that are used for discretional purchases. This means that, if you can tune your web presence to such circumstances, you increase your opportunities for gaining custom from those people who do require the services you offer.

So what exactly are landing pages?

These are specially-created pages, within your website, that address either specific needs or circumstances. The content is tailored to such situations or requirements, rather than describing the services you offer in general terms. As a comparison, if you were visiting a nearby town, taking a train would leave you to find your own way from the rail station; whereas traveling by cab would deliver you to the exact place you wished to visit. Landing pages are like the latter journey; taking web searchers right to the point you would want them to come into contact with your business.

So how can landing pages be best used?

If you create a list of the circumstances and situations where your services are used, then you can design a page for each with content that talks specifically to that need.

You will set your own list, but in general terms as examples, here are a couple of likely areas that such landing pages could effectively cover:

+ Specific geographical locations – such as the states, towns or city suburbs where you provide your services. Web page header examples: Need towing services in (location)? – Swift auto breakdown services for (area) residents

+ Key circumstances – this could refer to the different auto repair needs potential customers might have; such as brakes, battery, or starter motor. Tow services could refer to tire blowout, broken axle, road traffic accidents, and the like.

A key benefit of creating such landing pages

When potential customers are in need of the services you provide, their search terms are likely to be quite specific. These should tie in with the list you’ve created – as discussed in the previous section.

Therefore, offering such closely-directed guidance allows you to make the most of the search engine terms the public will use e.g. they are likely to mention their breakdown geographical location; or that specific need e.g. shocks or starter motor replacement.

This means your tailored auto repair shop or tow business marketing efforts through the use of landing pages, can give you a priceless advantage over competitors with a fairly generic web presence!

Effective tow business marketing in social media

If you wish to constantly keep your tow business marketing activities in front of potential customers, then using social media in an effective and positive way is a valuable tool to deploy.

Simply keeping folks informed

Much of your business is likely to be through spur-of-the-moment action. Many of your potential customers don’t expect to be in need of towing services, and certainly won’t be planning in advance for their use!

Having a constant social media presence can place your business front-of-mind when an emergency situation arises and towing services are needed. Think of how brand names quickly come into your mind when specific needs crop up. The key is to make your business a go-to brand, especially for people who have never used your services before.

But others have!

This is the second key benefit of the powerful and ongoing use of social media platforms. Take Facebook or Instagram as examples. These are places where you can demonstrate your successes. You can tell a visual and verbal story of a ‘rescue’, featuring a real-life scenario with actual people from the same community as those who are reading this content.

In this way, many potential customers can recognize your tow business as a solution to a problem should they ever encounter it. Even better, often the people you have already provided the service for will give you the quotes for your content – their own words – telling the world how good you are at what you do.

This is important in a never-used-you-before situation. Potential customers will place their trust in you through the confidence shown by those who have used – and laud – your behaviors and services.

Widening the customer pool

Having a positive footprint across social media is often only partly achieved through the initial actions you take yourself. Happy customers will become your advocates; they’ll spread good news and recommendations, often without you even having to ask them to do so.

Being social media active

A final key: don’t start with your social media enthusiastically and then let it fade. It’s important for stories to be recent and offers you make to be up-to-the-minute. It’s also vital to interact by responding to compliments and dealing, positively and politely, with any gripes which might occasionally surface.

You show you are confident in the service you offer; your social media content then breeds this confidence in those who may suddenly have to make use of your services – confident that you will hit the mark.

Three key tips for a response-gaining auto repair shop website

For effective auto repair shop marketing, it’s important to appreciate why people might contact your business and how they are likely to feel when doing so. In the majority of cases, however great your business, it’s reputation, and the standard of workmanship and service you provide will always be vital.

Therefore, in both design and content, you are talking to an anxious, nervous, frustrated, and possibly annoyed prospective customer. Your aim is to immediately be seen as an obvious and easily-actioned solution delivering the outcome they seek.

Be quickly responsive on all devices

When a potential client reaches for their mobile, logs on to their tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, they are looking for a quick, simple, easy-to-access solution to their problem. Therefore, it’s vital that your website is designed to be swiftly accessible and clearly understandable across all possible devices. Some websites are fine when viewed on desktop and laptop devices, but have not been effectively configured for viewing on the smaller dimensions of a mobile phone or tablet screen. If it doesn’t deliver immediate clarity, then a potential customer may head elsewhere.

Instantly offer a solution to their problem

At this stage, the searcher is not really interested in your business as such, but simply in how quickly, easily, and professionally you can deliver an outcome. This is where it can be useful to construct a series of specific landing pages, each of which addresses one of the critical problems they are potentially reaching out to you to solve.

Arriving at a generic homepage can be frustrating, as the visitor has to find their own way to a solution. Each landing page can highlight a key problem such as auto breakdown, starter motor, muffler fault, tire blowout, engine overheating, and many others, providing an instant connection with your customers.

Make the action process as simple as possible

Having reached you, a customer is now aware that you can help. The next stage is to get them into contact with your business as simply and swiftly as possible. A link to a contact page (or the information might be provided on the landing page) with a phone number, perhaps a chatbox facility, or a simple map if they are able to drive to your location, allows them to make you the obvious and ready solution to their issue.

These three tips concerning your web presence will help your auto repair business quickly connect with potential customers by swiftly and professionally being seen as a solution to the difficulty they find themselves in.

Digital Marketing Tips For Owners Of An Auto Body Repair Shop

If you own an auto shop, the marketing strategies that you use will play an important role in your success. Digital marketing is essential for nearly every business owner, including auto repair shops. As the owner of an auto repair shop, the most important part of your digital marketing strategy will be local search engine optimization.

Essentially, this means taking steps to ensure that your page appears high in the search results for people in your region. In addition, you’ll need to implement other digital marketing strategies effectively as well. Here are a few effective tow business marketing techniques for 2020:

1. Including the name of your region in keywords can make a huge difference

Including the name of your region in some of your keywords is extremely important for the owner of an auto body repair shop. In fact, making sure that the name of your region is in some of your keywords is an essential part of any local search engine optimization strategy, which will be essential for growing your business as an auto body repair shop owner.

2. Write content that appeals to residents of your area

Include local slang in your content if it’s applicable and flows well. This can be a great way to ensure that what you’re writing appeals to people in your area, which can increase the number of customers you get.

3. Ensure that you effectively use other digital marketing techniques as well

As the owner of an auto body repair shop, there are several other important digital marketing techniques to pay attention to, such as social media marketing and pay per click ads. Social media marketing can allow you to connect with people in groups that are specific to your region, which can be a great way for an auto body repair shop to get customers.

The rest of our content can help you promote your auto body repair shop even more effectively!

We have a lot of experience in the digital marketing business, which means that our blog has a lot to offer business owners. Our content will be able to help you to create the best possible local SEO strategy and improve all of the content that you use for your auto repair shop marketing.

Establishing Trust Through Auto Repair Shop Marketing

When seeking auto repair, consumers are primarily concerned with trust. It used to be that shop owners would rely on word-of-mouth referrals from their longstanding customers. These days, your website, blog, and social media pages will probably do the talking for you. How can you convey trust through some of these more modern forms of communication? The following auto repair shop marketing strategies can help.

Pay Attention to Website Design

For many, your website will form their first impression of you. Accordingly, it should contain a well-designed interface that loads smoothly on desktops as well as mobile devices. Your site should also be simple to navigate so that information is found quickly. If people have to dig for info, they may easily conclude that you are trying to hide something.

Your home page provides a chance for you to show off a little. So don’t forget to include any awards or accolades you’ve received. And include reviews to show what others are saying about you.

Visitors to your site will probably be turned off by pop-ups that ask for their personal information. Indeed, many will see this as an attempt to sell them something, in which case you might actually be giving them a reason not to trust you.

Establish Yourself as an Authority

To establish trust, you must demonstrate that you know what you are talking about. The best way to do that is by posting accurate, well-written content on a regular basis. Strive for informative rather than salesy or promotional content. When people know they can count on you for answers, they are more likely to take the next step and contact your shop.

When it comes to content, quality is extremely important. Spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors will stick out like a sore thumb and can leave readers feeling as though you are less than credible. If you’re not a skilled writer (or don’t have time to produce your own content), hiring an auto repair shop marketing firm would be a solid investment.

Is your marketing plan establishing trust? If not, please contact us so that we can help you build your brand and reputation.

Can I Afford Your Services? If That’s Your First Thought… This Article is for You

auto repair marketing cost

Auto Repair Shop Marketing – How Should I Budget?

Before we get started I’d like to get one point across if you’re a business owner or manager. You don’t need a website, SEO services, or anything to do with marketing. You need more MONEY (and also time, but for the sake of this article we’ll stick to money). To get more money.. you need you want better customers. You want better employees so you can offer better work with better equipment, to retain those better customers. Stop me where I’m wrong, please.

Now, in the case of costs associated with equipment, or higher skilled technicians, do you ask if you can afford them based on the money in your bank account, or do you operate like a smart business owner and look at them as an investment (as you should) and ask a “better” question. “How much of a return can I expect for investing in that better piece of equipment, or that employee with more experience than the kid who just graduated but is $15/hr cheaper?” The real question becomes can you afford NOT to invest in the better decision, as opposed to can I afford to spend this money. Make sense?

Likewise, you should think of your marketing dollars as an investment as well, not an expense. As a business owner, you can essentially do 3 things with your money;

  1. Spend it on yourself/your family
  2. Save it for yourself/your family
  3. Invest it back in your business

Hopefully by now you are an intelligent business owner and can do all of the above, or at least number 3. This way, you’re not concerned with the actual cost of your auto repair website or marketing campaign, but more-so with what it’s going to do for you. If you remember from up above, that means putting more money into your pocket. 

So let me give you an example of how a typical freelance web designer or marketer operates. If you’re wondering, I spent the better part of a decade operating this way (face palm) so I feel I’m somewhat qualified to speak on it. OK, their phone rings, and on the other line is someone like yourself, a business owner looking for all of those ‘better’ things we mentioned in the beginning of this article. 

Typical Freelancer– “Hi how can I help you?”

Business Owner– “I need a website for my repair shop”

Typical Freelancer– (thinking to him/herself, ‘great, here we go again, another penny pinching business owner who probably only cares about how much it’s going to cost, but damn, rent is due next week, I need the money) “OK, sir, I can build you a website for $1,200

Now, you cut them a check and the typical freelancer purchases a $10 theme, barely makes any edits (I’ve seen a lot of your websites who still have the “John Doe” testimonials that are built in to those templates..ouch!) Now because the project budget is so low, the freelancer has to do it all by themselves, which is frustrating because they have a million other things to do.

A few weeks go by and you get your site up on your domain, but it’s not bringing in any leads aka no more money into your pocket. You ask the freelancer to put a form above the fold (which is a great idea to get more free estimate requests btw) and the freelancer is even MORE frustrated. “Oh, great! Now he wants me to do more work, eating into my profit. This sucks! I’m not making any money, and I’m not bringing in any results. Aghhhh!” 

Therefore, you leave the freelancer, more frustrated than before and ultimately call an agency like ShopHawk. Here’s what’s going to happen;

If you find us online, chances are you will go through one of our sales funnels (which we can setup for your business as well) and be pre-qualified before we even get you on the phone. This not only saves us time, but you as well. Let’s be honest, this is business, and we both need to be a good fit for each other in order for both of us to grow. Would you agree?

Our phone call will be a bit different than what you are used to. You may call us and say the same:

Wise Business Owner- “I need a website for my auto repair shop.” and we may turn around and say

ShopHawk Professionals- “OK, great. Why do you need a website?” To which you reply

Wise Business Owner– “Well, I would like to get more leads for insurance body work or, I’d love to bring in more bumper repairs, since they are such high profit margins.”

ShopHawk Professionals– What’s your typical body work customer worth, and are you doing any kind of marketing now?”

Wise Business Owner– Well our average is about $4,000, but we just had a front end collision job on a dump truck that was around $17,000! We mostly do direct mailers, and a billboard every now and then.”

ShopHawk Professionals– Excellent. So, you need an overhaul of your website to attract, engage and delight new and returning site visitors. I’d suggest a trackable form above the fold to capture more free estimate leads, professionally written content to ensure we’re converting as many visitors as possible, and definitely adding analytics and a Facebook Pixel so we can track potential leads, and retarget those visits coming from your billboards or direct mailers that don’t end up converting into paying customers. We can also integrate some pretty neat automation to follow up with your customers and potential customers. So that’s to market to existing traffic, but it won’t necessarily bring you more online leads, for that we would recommend a combination of PPC ads and SEO to get direct search traffic, and some Facebook AD funnels as well. Does that make sense?”

Wise Business Owner– That makes perfect sense, actually. No one’s ever taken the time to explain that to me like that. Ok, so how much for the website and how much for the monthly marketing?”

ShopHawk Professionals– “You’re looking at $8,000 for the website, and around $2,000/month for marketing” **

At this point, the wise business owner sees he only needs a few customers a month to start seeing a return on his investment, and starts calculating the Lifetime Value of each customer.

Wise Business Owner– OK, great! Let’s do the website and one month of marketing as a test. (cuts check)

successful auto repair marketing

Subsequently, I can now afford to use my top level designers and copywriters to turn your website into a lead generating machine. A 24/7 virtual sales person and brand ambassador, which saves you countless hours by doing the majority of the selling and qualifying FOR YOU. I can also afford to bring on kick-ass auto repair marketing specialists, and even a dedicated project manager to ensure your project moves along smoothly. You’ll have access to clear contracts so you know what deliverables you are paying for, and a customer portal where you can access all of the above in one convenient spot. 

In closing, I hope this article has helped you better understand the power of perception and mindset. It’s the same in your business. We all need better employees, equipment, and customers.. so we can provide quality, CONSISTENT service to our market. Schedule a call with us today and let’s grow together. 

**Please note the prices above are used for the purpose of this article, and do not reflect actual pricing of service packages. Your actual investment will be calculated based on the needs and budget of your individual business. We look forward to speaking with you!