How Google reviews can help your auto repair or tow business

There are many different ways to market your business and drive people to your site. Google has proven to be a catalyst in Web 3.0 marketing. Google reviews offer a way to build trust and get tangible information that you can use to further market your auto repair or tow business effectively. Here are some ways that Google reviews can help your business succeed.

1. Customer feedback – Google reviews will keep your auto repair or tow business honest. If there is a faulty process, a customer review can be quick to point it out and help get that process corrected. It is also there to show what you are doing right and what is working. Google reviews act as a live survey for your business.

2. Improve click-through rates on your website – When people search for your business, and your business pops up with positive reviews; that will lead to more clicks to your website. Those clicks make what you are spending on marketing all worth it.

3. Build a brand that you can trust – The closer you are to a 5-star rating, the more business that your auto repair shop or tow company will make. People will know that customers have a pleasant experience at your shop if you listen to your Google reviews and provide a good service. Your brand name will become synonymous with high quality.

4. Increase online exposure and SEO – The Google algorithm uses diversity, velocity, and review quantity to drive your business to the top of local searches that will show the average rating, phone number, and address of your auto repair shop or tow business.

5. Convert more customers – The reason we get into business is to close the sale. Positive Google reviews have proven to be a key for sales for any business. Advertise your positive Google review all over your website, this alone can help boost sales.

Overall, as long as you are doing good business in your auto repair shop or in your tow business; Google reviews will lead to more clicks on your site and closed sales.

Four tips for email marketing

Using your email list can be extremely beneficial for auto repair shop marketing — a tactic that can bring in new business and maintain relationships with your current customer base. Whether you are just beginning to build your email list or you have an established one, this marketing route can be a powerful method to grow your business. Here are four tips to ensure your emails are converting.

1. Establish your list

Even if you think you have a solid email list, there’s always room for growth. Find ways for people to sign up for your emails so you can continue to market your services to them. When customers bring their trucks in for repair, ask them for their email address when they pay. Also, have a signup page pop up on your website. If people aren’t signing up through it, put together a small ebook about something topical to offer for free in return for signing up.

2. Encourage your recipients to reply

The most effective emails for auto shop marketing build relationships and trust with recipients. Ask questions or provide surveys that require responses. Unlike direct mail or social media ads, email marketing allows your customers to tell you what’s on their minds. Email segmentation works well in this situation because you can target your message to specific customers, which will increase your reply rate.

3. Avoid the spam folders

The worst thing you can do when emailing is have your emails sent to a recipient’s spam folder. You can avoid this by using normal subject lines — rather than something full of hyperbolic phrases. Test your emails and see if they are reaching normal inboxes.

4. Include a call to action and interesting material

Your emails should make your customers take action. So give your recipients something to open, a link to click on or more information to read. Get creative with your calls to action too. Try to make them feel like they aren’t being sold to; people don’t like that. Make them feel comfortable and always provide interesting content and offers which encourage them to find out more.

For more marketing tips for your auto repair shop, get in touch with us today.

How to get backlinks for your auto shop’s website

tow truck link building

As the owner of an auto shop, it’s important to make sure that you get the right backlinks for your website. Your backlinks will direct people to your site, increase your search rankings, and improve the credibility of your brand. Here’s what you need to know to get the right links for your auto repair shop marketing strategy:

Backlinks are a crucial part of your SEO strategy

In order to receive a large amount of online traffic, you need to take steps to boost the rankings of your website with major search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Gathering quality backlinks can allow you to gather more leads.

There are many ways that you can gather backlinks

There are several great ways to gather backlinks for your business, such as posting on forums, talking to local business owners, and contacting people who also own a website. Here’s what you need to know about each of these methods:

Automated posting has advantages and disadvantages

Posting backlinks on forums is an integral part of any backlink gathering strategy. However, using automated posting tools will result in a large number of backlinks to your website that generate little to no traffic. Therefore, it’s best to create customized messages that accompany your brand’s forum posts, which will add value to the website you’re posting on.

In addition, it’s important to make sure that you post on forums that receive a lot of visitors from your area. Regional message boards can be an excellent place to promote your auto repair shop.

We can help you promote your auto repair shop on the web

We can help you succeed as the owner of an auto repair shop. Not only do we offer comprehensive digital marketing services, but we can help you create the best possible content for your webpage. This will help to ensure that people who visit your site are likely to hire you. So, give us a call or contact us online today!

Why auto repair shops should use content marketing

content marketing

There are many routes auto repair shops can take when thinking about marketing their business to prospective clients. One that all should consider is content marketing. Content marketing consists of creating and distributing valuable content to attract customers, spread brand awareness, and generate leads. Here is why auto repair shops should use content marketing.

Establishing trust

Content marketing is a great way for auto repair shops to establish trust. By putting out social media posts, blogs, articles, or newsletters on topics related to your business, you’ll begin developing a reputation as an expert in the industry. This allows prospective clients to remember you as the shop that took the time to answer your target audience’s questions. This allows you to build a relationship with your audience because they will see you in a positive way — as a company that isn’t just trying to sell to customers but help them.

Generate leads

As an auto repair shop, you’re always trying to generate leads that turn into sales. Content marketing allows you to provide your audience with great information, which will make them more likely to go to your shop when they need you. They will remember your blogs, articles, and posts and be interested in purchasing from you in the future.

Enhance your site’s SEO

By constantly putting out up-to-date information for your audience, you’ll begin to enhance your site’s search engine optimization. This will result in more people finding your shop through Google searches. The trick is to keep updating your content to keep up with search engine algorithms.

Establishing brand awareness

Factual and reliable content will help your auto shop establish its brand. When you distribute this content, you’ll be bringing awareness to your brand and letting people know the service and work you offer. This will generate leads and ultimately lead to customers taking action. Make sure your website is up to date and that you not only have great content but supporting factors like a professionally designed logo and site layout. Let your customers and potential customers know what your brand is about. Tell them what you believe in and how you can help them. That’s what they are looking for.

How to improve the local search rankings of your auto repair shop’s website

auto repair marketing

Your auto repair shop’s website needs to rank highly on search engines. However, it’s important to ensure that the people who find your page are from your area. This means that you need to use the right local search engine optimization techniques. Here’s how you can create an effective local SEO strategy for auto repair shop marketing:

1. Choose the right keywords

Picking the right keywords will be the cornerstone of an effective local SEO strategy. Not only should you make sure that your keywords fit into the content smoothly, but you need to make sure you choose keywords that include the name of your region. For instance, a NYC auto repair shop might do well by choosing “auto repair shops in NYC” or “auto repair in NYC” as a keyword.

In addition, it’s important to make sure that you pick keywords that people will say to voice search devices. For instance, auto repair in NYC is a better keyword than auto repair NYC.

2. Gather backlinks from other local business pages

Gathering backlinks from local businesses can be a great way to improve your local SEO strategy. Some businesses complement one another, and these are a few examples of businesses that might want to include a link to your page:

– Local car dealerships
– Used car dealerships
– Car insurance companies
– AAA and other auto owner associations
– Local clubs for collectors of antique cars

3. Create effective written content and utilize imagery

Not only do you need to create persuasive written content, but you also need to use imagery that will catch the eye of potential customers. Your images should showcase what your service offers, and it’s also a good idea to choose a background for your site that includes imagery from your area. For instance, you may want to use local natural scenery as a background.

We can improve your local search rankings

We can help you pick out the right keywords for your business, create effective written content, and utilize other proven local search engine optimization strategies. Our SEO experts have worked with auto repair shops in many regions of the country, and we can improve the local search rankings of any business in the car repair industry.

What questions should your website answer about your tow business?

tow business marketing

Most websites have a Frequently Asked Questions page as part of the content. Some of the questions are technical; others address worries or concerns potential customers might have.

While this specific FAQ page is useful as a reference point, it won’t do much on its own to actually move forward your tow business marketing. Here are some questions to consider.

Under what circumstances do customers use your tow services?

While there may be some unusual situations, it’s likely the majority of people will contact you because of a range of accident or breakdown situations. Taking time to collate a list of these can mean that you can then address them in the content on your homepage – or a specific landing page. See our recent blog: ‘Using landing pages on your repair shop or tow business website’ for detailed information. This enables a visitor to instantly see that you can meet their needs.

What questions might be in their minds?

These can range from the need for a simple piece of information (How long will it likely take you to reach me) to the specific anxieties they might have (How can I be sure you won’t further damage my vehicle).

Again, by gathering a list of these, you might provide a quick answer checklist in the content for those basic information questions. You can then consider the possible anxieties – or reasons why a potential customer might choose not to contact you – and provide both information and reassurance in your content.

This might be a great place to introduce carefully-worded testimonials – and you can find out more about the process in our recent: ‘Using testimonial marketing for your tow or auto repair business’ blog.

Creating a positive environment in your tow business marketing

We’ve been referring to your website content, but the points covered above can be of equal value when constructing an email marketing campaign, or in making the best possible use of your social media opportunities. Being seen as a solution to an emergency, rather than simply another part of the problem, will create that positive message you’d want your tow business to offer.

Using testimonial marketing for your tow or auto repair business

tow truck reputation management

In the past, a testimonial was commonly used to attest to someone’s character and qualifications. In today’s world, it takes the form of a sentence or paragraph to praise a product or service.

It’s always been accepted that word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertising. However, this is only true if it is a positive statement. Not only are testimonials used to praise a product or service, but they can also highlight how effectively a complaint was dealt with or how a problem was handled.

So, how can you make the most of positive testimonial comments to place your tow or auto repair business in the public eye?

Offer a friendly thank you

Today, the ‘testimonial’ is a much less formal comment which is made by a satisfied customer on social media. This means it pays to take a moment to check Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or the like to see if your customers have left a comment. Replying with a simple ‘thank you’, or adding a little more detail to the story, strengthens the perception those reading it will have of you.

Use real world examples

You may, once in a while, be involved in helping a local personality or even national figure at your business. Of course, you’ll share this story if those involved are happy for you to do so.

But most often, the public will respond better to examples showing how you helped ordinary people like themselves. This allows them to imagine a similar outcome in their own situation. Having a series of stories involving the different types of people most likely to use your services will help to build your reputation amongst your customer base.

Make yourself memorable

You should also describe situations that potential customers can relate to. For example, how you helped a family who broke down on the way to the airport or couldn’t get their car started to still make their flight. Other examples could include making a vital business appointment, or not letting the kids down on the way to a sports event etc. People reading these examples will be able to imagine themselves being helped by you in similar stressful moments – when that moment occurs, you’ll be the company they call.

For more advice on marketing your tow or auto repair business, get in touch with us at ShopHawk today.

Using landing pages on your repair shop or tow business website

Both auto repair shops and tow businesses are used by the public when a specific set of circumstances occur; unlike other businesses that are used for discretional purchases. This means that, if you can tune your web presence to such circumstances, you increase your opportunities for gaining custom from those people who do require the services you offer.

So what exactly are landing pages?

These are specially-created pages, within your website, that address either specific needs or circumstances. The content is tailored to such situations or requirements, rather than describing the services you offer in general terms. As a comparison, if you were visiting a nearby town, taking a train would leave you to find your own way from the rail station; whereas traveling by cab would deliver you to the exact place you wished to visit. Landing pages are like the latter journey; taking web searchers right to the point you would want them to come into contact with your business.

So how can landing pages be best used?

If you create a list of the circumstances and situations where your services are used, then you can design a page for each with content that talks specifically to that need.

You will set your own list, but in general terms as examples, here are a couple of likely areas that such landing pages could effectively cover:

+ Specific geographical locations – such as the states, towns or city suburbs where you provide your services. Web page header examples: Need towing services in (location)? – Swift auto breakdown services for (area) residents

+ Key circumstances – this could refer to the different auto repair needs potential customers might have; such as brakes, battery, or starter motor. Tow services could refer to tire blowout, broken axle, road traffic accidents, and the like.

A key benefit of creating such landing pages

When potential customers are in need of the services you provide, their search terms are likely to be quite specific. These should tie in with the list you’ve created – as discussed in the previous section.

Therefore, offering such closely-directed guidance allows you to make the most of the search engine terms the public will use e.g. they are likely to mention their breakdown geographical location; or that specific need e.g. shocks or starter motor replacement.

This means your tailored auto repair shop or tow business marketing efforts through the use of landing pages, can give you a priceless advantage over competitors with a fairly generic web presence!

Effective tow business marketing in social media

If you wish to constantly keep your tow business marketing activities in front of potential customers, then using social media in an effective and positive way is a valuable tool to deploy.

Simply keeping folks informed

Much of your business is likely to be through spur-of-the-moment action. Many of your potential customers don’t expect to be in need of towing services, and certainly won’t be planning in advance for their use!

Having a constant social media presence can place your business front-of-mind when an emergency situation arises and towing services are needed. Think of how brand names quickly come into your mind when specific needs crop up. The key is to make your business a go-to brand, especially for people who have never used your services before.

But others have!

This is the second key benefit of the powerful and ongoing use of social media platforms. Take Facebook or Instagram as examples. These are places where you can demonstrate your successes. You can tell a visual and verbal story of a ‘rescue’, featuring a real-life scenario with actual people from the same community as those who are reading this content.

In this way, many potential customers can recognize your tow business as a solution to a problem should they ever encounter it. Even better, often the people you have already provided the service for will give you the quotes for your content – their own words – telling the world how good you are at what you do.

This is important in a never-used-you-before situation. Potential customers will place their trust in you through the confidence shown by those who have used – and laud – your behaviors and services.

Widening the customer pool

Having a positive footprint across social media is often only partly achieved through the initial actions you take yourself. Happy customers will become your advocates; they’ll spread good news and recommendations, often without you even having to ask them to do so.

Being social media active

A final key: don’t start with your social media enthusiastically and then let it fade. It’s important for stories to be recent and offers you make to be up-to-the-minute. It’s also vital to interact by responding to compliments and dealing, positively and politely, with any gripes which might occasionally surface.

You show you are confident in the service you offer; your social media content then breeds this confidence in those who may suddenly have to make use of your services – confident that you will hit the mark.

Three key tips for a response-gaining auto repair shop website

For effective auto repair shop marketing, it’s important to appreciate why people might contact your business and how they are likely to feel when doing so. In the majority of cases, however great your business, it’s reputation, and the standard of workmanship and service you provide will always be vital.

Therefore, in both design and content, you are talking to an anxious, nervous, frustrated, and possibly annoyed prospective customer. Your aim is to immediately be seen as an obvious and easily-actioned solution delivering the outcome they seek.

Be quickly responsive on all devices

When a potential client reaches for their mobile, logs on to their tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, they are looking for a quick, simple, easy-to-access solution to their problem. Therefore, it’s vital that your website is designed to be swiftly accessible and clearly understandable across all possible devices. Some websites are fine when viewed on desktop and laptop devices, but have not been effectively configured for viewing on the smaller dimensions of a mobile phone or tablet screen. If it doesn’t deliver immediate clarity, then a potential customer may head elsewhere.

Instantly offer a solution to their problem

At this stage, the searcher is not really interested in your business as such, but simply in how quickly, easily, and professionally you can deliver an outcome. This is where it can be useful to construct a series of specific landing pages, each of which addresses one of the critical problems they are potentially reaching out to you to solve.

Arriving at a generic homepage can be frustrating, as the visitor has to find their own way to a solution. Each landing page can highlight a key problem such as auto breakdown, starter motor, muffler fault, tire blowout, engine overheating, and many others, providing an instant connection with your customers.

Make the action process as simple as possible

Having reached you, a customer is now aware that you can help. The next stage is to get them into contact with your business as simply and swiftly as possible. A link to a contact page (or the information might be provided on the landing page) with a phone number, perhaps a chatbox facility, or a simple map if they are able to drive to your location, allows them to make you the obvious and ready solution to their issue.

These three tips concerning your web presence will help your auto repair business quickly connect with potential customers by swiftly and professionally being seen as a solution to the difficulty they find themselves in.