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We plan, build and manage profitable Digital Marketing Campaigns for the Auto Repair & Towing Industries


Our Services

Our goal is simple; develop 
 relationships with automotive business owners.


We work with you to identify who you are as a brand, and the customers you most want to do business with.

Web Design

Your website should serve as your 24/7 sales machine. We'll make sure it's up to date, accurate & search engine friendly.

Sales & Marketing

Capture, Nurture & Close leads with our all-in-one platform built for towinf and auto repair businesses.

Marketing & Advertising

We'll help identify where your customers are, and create managed campigns to reach them effectively.


The money is in the follow up! We'll ensure we maximize every dollar spent by retargeting your customers online, and increase brand awareness using personalized automation.

ShopHawk Automotive Partners & Integrations

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By working with us, we guarantee to do our best to take the stress, frustration, and poor communication out of the client-vendor relationship. We've learned from our failed relationships, and took steps to create a system that works for both of us. We believe that is the foundation to our success, and yours.

Auto Repair & Tow Truck Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

How can ShopHawk help us out-perform our competitors online?

There are many ways we can achieve this, but let’s start with the basics.

Hawks Nest™. We have developed an automated lead generation and customer nurturing funnel for your automotive repair shop or Tow Business. We combine positioning, rich media and automated funnels to drive high quality leads into your business. We use hyper-targeted Facebook ads (not to be confused with ‘boosted’ posts) that engage potential customers in an automated funnel designed to do two specific things. 

Automate your follow up process so you can spend time working on your shop. 

Pre-Qualify your leads so we’re not just sending you tire kickers with no money 

 Local SEO. Auto Repair SEO and organic Google ranking are all about relevance and authority, so we want to provide better and more relevant information than your tow truck business, auto body shop or auto repair shop competitors. Then, we want to increase your trust & authority numbers to surpass theirs. Let’s talk about ‘Authority’ when it comes to your automotive website. Website trust and authority, which is website strength, really is about the numbers. It’s pretty simple. Let us explain:


    1. There are tools that rate website trustworthiness and strength with a score from 1 to 100.
    2. The strongest and most trusted websites climb to the top.
    3. Website trust and strength come from backlinks.
    4. A backlink is a little text link on another website that points to your website.
    5. Good backlinks make you strong; bad backlinks make you weak. 
    6. Websites with a good monthly link building campaign will eventually climb to the top of Google and compete with the strongest websites in the market.


Responsive Website Design. Much like the automotive industry or Tow Truck industry, sometimes web design can have a bad reputation. We often come across customers who cringe at the word “website.” Look, we get it. Perhaps you’ve tried having your nephew design your first site. That never works, right? Maybe you moved on to a GoDaddy or a YP website for a few hundred bucks.. still nothing!

At ShopHawk, we are constantly striving to stand out from the competition. In fact, we don’t even want to compete. We’re out to change the Towing & automotive repair website world for the better. That’s our mission. If your tow business or auto repair shop’s website isn’t delivering you consistent, qualified leads, there’s no sense in having one. We’d love to show you the power of a 24/7 online sales machine, which is what a proper website should be.

Looking for a no obligation strategy session to see how your online presence can be improved?